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The Valencia Property Podcast is niche, of course it is. Here we will look at the Valencia Property market, the latest news and deals, interviews, blogs and the process of moving here. We answer your questions, look into the process of buying property and much more.

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2023 - Hit the Ground Running

Saturday Jan 07, 2023

Saturday Jan 07, 2023

Welcome back to the Valencia Property podcast. In our first podcast of 2023 we are looking to hit the ground running by answering a lot of our client's questions and giving you an overview of December and 2022 on the Valencia Property website and blog. 
Mentioned in the podcast we have the following featured content Your timelines for buying Valencia Property. 
The Valencia Property Craft Beer Bar Crawl
Overview of the Valencia Property Market in 2022
Which type of client are you
The Best of Valencia Property in 2022
Why Do Americans Move to Valencia?
So until next month we hope you enjoyed the podcast. The music in the background is by Kevin McLeod and this is a production of Valencia Property. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Mastodon and more. Remember that our mail is  More next month.

Monday Dec 05, 2022

Welcome back to the final podcast of 2022 and as it's the final one and the end of our first year of podcasting we are going to take a look back on the year in Valencia Property, what's been happening in the market, are things changing as we approach the end of the year and what are the perspectives for next year in the Valencian property market. 
Our recommendations
This month we have a recommended video which is a 4D walk through Valencia Sit back with a drink and enjoy the sights and sounds of Valencia
The recommended articles are the ones we wrote this month. Starting with the one about the rental crisis following it with the one about the new digital nomad or remote worker visa and then how to work with us at Valencia Property before finishing off with our two guides to the coast, the first here and the second here 
The recommended tweetstorm from Joan Ribó is here 
And our recommended properties this week are one for the Golden Visa and the modern man with a hat tip to George Carlin and another rather excellent investment apartment in the city 

Friday Nov 04, 2022

What Brings People to Valencia?
This month we have a bumper edition of the podcast with a discussion about what brought us to Valencia, what brings clients to Valencia and what people appreciate about the city and the region compared to wherever they lived before. There's so much to appreciate here of course, I once wrote an article of 112 reasons to move here of course, but it's interesting to hear what brought people here because not everyone has the same story. 
The links to things mentioned in the podcast are below. Our recommended articles, videos and properties. 
The Most Popular Content on the VP Website
The Best Neighbourhoods in Valencia
Adding Value to Your Valencia Property
The Rental Crisis in Valencia
Our most popular video was recorded 11 years ago. It was an interview with me. Watch and listen. It's still relevant.
Villa in Denia. 770k
An Apartment of few words and fewer pictures.
Going Going... Gone (Now sold)
Just a Really Good Apartment

Friday Oct 07, 2022

"Bye Bye Brits- Incompetence and Inflation".
Welcome to the fourth episode of our second series of the Valencia Property podcast. Lots has been going on in our first month back after the summer break so to bring you up to date with everything of course we bring you the podcast. We have a look at each post from the last month in turn but also we have two main parts to the podcast this week, firstly about the effects of the incompetents running the UK in a section we call "Bye Bye Brits" and then a look at how inflation is working in supermarkets and day to day costs in Spain.
Our recommendations this week are for the property of the week, videos of the week and articles of the week.
The property of the week is the full house in the Cabanyal which you can see here. Make sure to get the full internal view by watching the video in the listing. 
The video this week, well we have two actually. One we took in the newly modernised Plaza de la Reina in central Valencia. The square has a totally different feel now there is no traffic. You can see it here.
And the second is a Valencia travel guide from the Attache channel on YT where the channel owner fell in love with the city
The article of the week, well actually, it's all of our recent articles. You can see the link here. The latest six articles have all been written since the summer hiatus.
And now its time for another hiatus, this time until the next podcast next month. Meanwhile keep popping back onto the blog where there will be weekly posts, onto the property pages where we update daily and follow me on twitter @grahunt to see me swearing, abusing politicians and sharing lovely Valencia content for you. 

Friday Sep 09, 2022

We are back after a long hot summer with the Valencia Property podcast. Paul has been looking after the shop and making sure people have been contacted, the website has been updated and we have been doing all of the background stuff that keeps you informed about what is going on in the Valencia Property market. 
In the podcast this week we talk about the following
- Why we take the Summer Break
- The Valencia Property Market
- The Latest on The Digital Nomad Visa
- Our Favourite Restaurants in Valencia (If you want to search for them on your favourite search engine... OK, ok I know, if you want to Google them they are...) Las Lunas Soul Kitchen, Diva, Mil Grullas, Tonyina, Cara Ricardo, Katmandu, Masusa Paella Bar, El Rek, Vuelve Carolina, La Casa Viva, San Tomasso)
- Are Prices Rising Still?
- What's Happening in the Mortgage Market?
- Top Tips For A Successful Valencia Property Purchase Part 2
Our recommendations this week are as follows.
Our recommended article is all about what people ask for when looking for Valencia Property, you can see it at the link here.
Our recommended podcast is Valencia Life
Our recommended property this week as menitioned is this one a beach holiday penthouse just down the coast from Valencia and a 45 minute bus ride from the city through the wonderful Albufera 

Friday Jul 29, 2022

Hi there and welcome to the latest monthly episode of the Valencia Property Podcast. Today we are going to explore the top tips that the most important people give us, our clients. Those who have already made the move and made their purchase.
What do they think are the most important aspects to bear in mind when looking for your Valencia Property?
I sent out a voice note on whatsapp to our clients and got a load of responses in various accents and of varying lengths. Listen to them all and take them on board. Some answers you would expect but there are other excellent tips too that are more surprising. More to come next month when our podcast will be in the first week of September.
Our Recommended Articles this month are listed in the show notes as are the featured properties and a recommended video. Take a look in the notes and click through to see them.
Recommended Properties Now sold!
Recommended Video Our Calicanto video shows this villa up well
The music is by Ghost Drones, the images are all ours at and you can contact us with your questions, requirements and anything else on 

Friday Jun 24, 2022

Hello and welcome back to the Valencia property podcast. As you might know if you followed our first series we are going monthly now as opposed to weekly as the main issues we wanted to cover we have covered, we will keep referring back to them in the rest of the episodes and let you know episode numbers where applicable.
Our plan now is a monthly podcast done in a slightly different way with more interviews, more market information and a whole lot more concentration on what we have listed and written in the previous month along with even more concentration on our listener questions. We would like to thank all of those people who sent in questions and remember that if you have a question then it's more than likely that others have had the same question so it's useful to others to have you ask it. Remember you can send us a voice note, a written question or even a short video from which we will take the audio file for the podcast. It's always useful for us. 
The main part of this pod is myself, Gavin and David answering your FAQs about Valencia Property when out and about. What do you think are the most typical questions? 
Interview with Sheila on the All About You Podcast
Recommended Articles
Recommended Properties
L'Eliana villa for some quality family time ;-)
Transatlantic Investment Apartment in Valencia 
Avocadoes, Oranges and Felicity Kendall,-oranges-and-the-self-sufficiency-dream-1878.php
A Garden of Delights and 1001 Nights
Death and Descriptions in the Afternoon 
Recommended Video
70000 Capacity and a Solar Roof. Work is due to restart on the New Mestalla stadium with work scheduled to be finished by 2025 

The Bonus Ball

Friday May 20, 2022

Friday May 20, 2022

Welcome to the final episode of the first series of the Valencia Property Podcast but don't worry we are not going away, we are just going to a new schedule. So today we are going to look back at what we have done so far on the podcast tell you where to find those episodes, look at what the podcast has done for us as a company and look at the properties we have sold this year, in terms of prices, availability, nationalities buying and a whole lot more. We are also looking at how we have worked to find that special property for our clients and how the bonus ball is often the one that wins the prize. What is the bonus ball and why does the bonus ball often get chosen. We will look at issues in the market at the moment and also we have a bumper crop of questions from listeners for you to enjoy me trying to answer.
Our recommendations for this week are as follows:
Firstly our recommended video of Richard Ayoade and Sara Pascoe getting hammered in Valencia . The scene in La Bella de Cadiz starts around 1.50 in. 
Our recommended articles this week are the following
Spanish schools
112 Reasons to Move to Valencia 
How to choose your lawyer.
And our recommended property... so many to choose this week. I think our listings have been excellent this week but just for something a bit different I'll go for the villa with an inside outside pool in Puig. Take a look at the link in the show notes. I could have gone for the "Better Than Grimsby" villa or the Just Outside Requena with 161 Neighbours Townhouse or any number of others but you will see when you get to the homepage there are plenty of live candidates for txhis week's listing 
As for our recommended podcast well you should listen to all of our episodes which you can find on our podbean page 
But of those mentioned, God Bless America is the second one, Lawyers is edpisode ten, The Paradox of Choice is number nine, our story is number six, visas is number five, and the infamous Brexit episode is number four. The most popular episode is the one about timelines and that's right back at the start episode one. They are all worth a listen in my humble opinion and the questions you have might well be answered in one of them. Make sure to listen to them all and then pop over your questions to us in the form of a voice note or written and we will get back to you next month. 
Remember you can contact us on or whatsapp on 0034 657994311 for your voice notes. 

Friday May 13, 2022

Welcome to the 19th and penultimate episode of our first series of Valencia Property podcasts. The last one next week will not be the last of course, it will just be the last of the weekly series before we go monthly. In the monthly series we are looking to go deeper into some subjects with more news, client questions and interviews as well as more interviews, round table discussions, lifestyle features and more. 
Today though we are talking about some of the things that we love and hate about living in Valencia and Spain and also having an interview with Nicola about what attracted her to Valencia and the process she had to take from buying here to the point when she and her husband were able to come and live here. 
As usual we finish off the podcast with our recommendations for the week. 
Recommended Video Series All about things you need to be thinking about when buying property in Spain. 
Also this is interesting 
Recommended Articles
112 Reasons to move to Valencia
We asked here why people move to Valencia
We even wrote tongue in cheek about the 17 worst things about living in Spain 
All our articles mentioning Brexit can be found here 
And all about Trump here
And those little things that drive us up the wall here.
Recommended Property
This week we have a doozy down in Gandia area which is a small hotel for 435k with 11 bedrooms. Could easily be somewhere to develop a thriving business aimed at people looking to get away from it all in a small village near the coast. Take a look at it in our listings on the home page. 

Friday May 06, 2022

Welcome to the 18th episode of the Valencia Property podcast. I almost didn't get this one out this week due to... well life... you can find out why in the podcast
Today as usual we will start with our listener questions that have been sent in before moving onto our subject for today which is living in Valencia and exploring Spain.
Recommended Video An hour of drone footage from Spain over calming music. If you need some relaxation here it is whilst enjoying images and music. 
Recommended Articles
Weird and wonderful festivals 
All about new builds and new projects in Valencia 
Recommended Property
Today's history lesson talks about the development of the area of En Corts and it's all to do with this large apartment there Our webpages
Listings page here
Blog here


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Of course we talk about everything to do with Valencia Property and real estate on this podcast. However we also talk more generally about issues around property in Spain, lifestyle in and around Valencia and all about the beautiful region of Valencia. Equally if you want to get involved feel free to drop us a line on or send us a voice note on our whatsapp number 0034 6579943111

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