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The Valencia Property Podcast is niche, of course it is. Here we will look at the Valencia Property market, the latest news and deals, interviews, blogs and the process of moving here. We answer your questions, look into the process of buying property and much more.

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The New Projects Episode

Tuesday Sep 05, 2023

Tuesday Sep 05, 2023

Welcome to the 15th episode of the second series of the Valencia Property podcast and we are back... yes back after the summer although the Valencia summer lasts well into September and the autumn.
In this episode we introduce our three new businesses that we have been working on over the summer through interviews with Maria, Catherine and Marije. 
We start with Maria and Valencia Remodels which you can find at for all of your modernisation needs. Maria talks about her background and why we needed this new website in the VP collection. 
Next it's Catherine and In this we look at why we are starting a new company for medium term rentals, who it might suit and some of the challenges we are finding including an appeal for more properties. You can also read about this in our latest blog post on VP here. 
Finally we chat with Marije all about the new Dutch arm of VP at Why did we need a specific Dutch website? You can find out all about that and Marije's background in Valencia and real estate there. 
As usual we talked about our blog posts for the month and we had our monthly recommendations. You can find out more about each of them below. 
Why You Should Sell Your Home With Valencia Property
Where to Start This Week...
What Lies Behind That Townhouse Door?
Work Life Balance in Valencia
This was also the recommended article of the month. 
The recommended property was the Delightful Denia Dwelling
and the video of the month came from World Wide Hearts on Youtube
Remember that you can see our new projects at the following pages:
And until next month make sure to share this with anyone you think would find it useful, entertaining or educational.
You can find our homepage at Our blog at and we are on social media too.
Graham and the VP team. 

Friday Aug 04, 2023

The Digital Nomad Episode (AKA I'm Away)
A bit of a different podcast this month as I am currently homeless as a modernisation goes on at my house so I am one of those famous digital nomads working from anywhere on the laptop. 
As usual we will start the podcast by taking a look at what we have published in the last month and how it might affect you as a buyer of Valencia property and we are also looking at our new Dutch website and one of the services that Marije will be offering within it.
Then we turn to Stepping Stone Rentals where we have a fully functioning website and the ability to book our properties and every week we have more and more properties available for our clients who start moving in this September. We present for you today our corporate press release if those are still a thing and more news about how to navigate the SSR website and blog.
As usual we have our recommendations for the month too. The article of the month has to be the one about the Americans flocking to Valencia as it explains why this tide of people are finding exactly what they are looking for here.
Our recommended video this month is all abut the history of Spain in animated form 
and our recommended properties are a few of those that we described as eye candy. 
Sagunto Castle Views
Meliana Mansion
See Ya in Silla
Bocairent Boutique Hotel 
So until next month when we will be more or less back to normal after the summer break it's goodbye for now and of course if you have any questions you can contact us on whatsapp, mail or through our social media channels. and if you are looking to buy your own Valencia property or rent out a Stepping Stone Rental property feel free to contact us and take those first steps. 
How to ruin your Valencia property Purchase
The Valencia Property Network Guide
A Day in the Life
A Day in the Life Video Short
Ten Lesser Known Attractions
Why Americans are Flocking to Valencia
New York Post Article
Stepping Stone Rentals 
Our homepage 
Our blog 

Wednesday Jul 05, 2023

In this month's podcast we look at various issues, the current Valencia property Market in Summer 2023, Why there is no ticking mortgage timebomb in Spain currently, what happened when Martin Lewis asked people about living abroad and more about Stepping Stone Rentals and where we are with the project. All of the links mentioned are below in the show notes.
Our article of the month mentioned earlier is how to ruin your Valencia Property purchase, because we wouldn't want you to do that.
Our video of the month is James Blick again and this month he went to the Baby Jumping Ritual. Yes you heard that right. Take a look 
Our property of the month has to be the best description from June this apartment fit for a Tsar 
Other links to articles and mentions as follows: Choosing Your Stepping Stone Rental Property
Last month's podcast about the rental crisis
and the associated article
Our Ai assisted blogs
Part One
and Part Two
How to ruin your purchase
Martin Lewis' Tweet asking about experiences living abroad
And our email address for correspondence

Monday Jun 05, 2023

The latest Valencia Property Podcast talks about the rental crisis in Valencia and gives an update on the situation after our post in October. We also talk about our new project "Stepping Stone Rentals and how this will affect your ability to land in Valencia with security, safety and a place to stay while you look for your long term rental or purchase. We also have an interview with our rental specialist Jessica all about the changes in the rental market over the last twenty years in Valencia and a continuation of our "What's it like to be a realtor in Valencia?" series. 
In terms of what we talk about on the podcast the links below will take you to the referred to articles.  
My favourite article was the one showing our renovations in Valencia and the before and after of them. It's so satisfying to get to the end of a project and show it off so we thought we'd do a few.
My favourite video was again James Blick who this month talked about what it was like being a veteran immigrant into Spain. What happens when you get past the honeymoon stage? Is it still worth living in Spain. Take a look at the good the bad and the ugly. 
And my favourite property... oof so many to choose from this month as I said in the article about the eclectic or diverse nature of the Valencia Property market but I think my favourite was and is the house overlooking Cullera bay you can see at the link in the show notes. For under 300k you get great views, the seaside, outside space, lots of inside space, light and a feeling of freedom, you even get a lift opening out into your living room directly from the garage. It's superb. 
Links for this podcast are below.

Friday May 05, 2023

In this episode also known as "What's It Like to Work as an Estate Agent in Valencia?" we look into what we do in the shadows, all of the background work and how we work here at Valencia Property. There is an interview with David and Paul about their working days and also I tell you what it is that I do (Graham here) day to day in running the company (And producing this podcast, blogs, descriptions and more)
All of the links mentioned in the show can be found below
Property of the month
Is the House of the Rising Sun in Olocau. It's also probably my favourite description of the month because I decided to use the song  as a background to it. Take a look
Video of the month
In the spirit of today's pod we showed a day in the life to life in a day by Simple Minds. A few photos taken as we walked around Valencia doing the job 
Article of the Month On the Move to Spain Guide website, 
Blog posts
Spanish Taxes and Cost of Living
What are you waiting for?
The First Quarter Report
The Top Spanish Property Scams
FAQ Me Careful Now! Scams
Visa Options

Friday Mar 31, 2023

Welcome back to the Valencia Property podcast
This month we are looking at visa options for coming to live in Spain and announcing a new service from Valencia Property to help those looking at the lower end of the market. Intially titled the VP Sherlock Service but that isn't catchy enough, we are launching it this week. 
We hope you enjoy the podcast and if you have any questions then feel free to contact us on or scoot through our blog and find the whatsapp button to contact Graham.
We have a lot of links mentioned in the podcast this month and also our recommendations for this month are as follows:
Property Sea view apartment overlooking the marina in Valencia. Not for the pigeons this one apparently but excellent views and as good as it gets for sea views in Valencia city.
James Blick visited Valencia last month and went on an epic food tour including three huge late breakfasts in three different places on the same morning. Click on the link in the show notes for half an hour of Valencia food goodness. James' Epic Valencia food tour is well worth a watch and then just follow along and visit the places yourself
The Articles we mentioned in the podcast and stuff that may be useful
School and applications
Metres and properties on sale for a long time
Why square metres matter more than bedrooms Visas Valencia Properties with gardens for the spring Why has that property been on sale for so long Cash Buyers and Mortgages Student Visa Requirements Requirements for the Non Lucrative Visa The highly qualified worker visa details Spanish Golden Visa Everything about the Golden Visa The Entrepreneur Visa requirements Digital nomad visa requirements The Digital Nomad Visa Podcast
visa options, living in Spain, Valencia Property, Valencia property market, property search, property budget, property characteristics, square meters, number of bedrooms, property mortgage, property investors, property rental, property purchase, sea view apartment, food tour, September school year, non-lucrative visa, highly qualified worker visa, golden visa, entrepreneur visa, digital nomad visa, remote worker visa, stupid people.

Saturday Mar 04, 2023

In the latest episode of the Valencia Property Podcast we complete our essential guide to saving you money on your property purchase and we take you along to visit some of the worst properties we have seen in the last year of showing people around. We have plenty of articles and recommendations and you can find them below. 
The articles mentioned in the pod are as follows
The Mindset Change
The Deposit Contract Explained
The Digital Nomad Visa Podcast
Last Chance Saloon For The Spanish Golden Visa
Why Has That Property Been On Sale For So Long?
Powers of Attorney
Why You Cannot See Properties at the Weekend
Our recommendations for this month are as usual an article, a video and a property. 
The article you should read is 112 Reasons to Move to Valencia. Why? Well I took a lot of time writing it some years ago and it was inspired by a friend asking on twitter this week what one thing is good about the place you live. Just one, here's 112
The video this week is from one of our favourite youtubers, James Blick. James this week put out a video of 12 things he hates about living in Spain. Take a look at the link
And the property, orange groves and history 

Friday Feb 17, 2023

Today we present a special extra episode all about the Digital Nomad or (better named) remote worker visa in Spain. We recap what is needed and also answer some of your questions that we have received since publishing. You can see our article about it here.
Obviously if you want to know more then feel free to contact us on and ask away. 
See how you can work with us at Valencia Property here

Friday Feb 03, 2023

Welcome back to the monthly podcast and this one is going to be a longer one, we know people like it when we get deep into the weeds with explaining how things work here, that's sort of counter intuitive but it's true, the deper the dive the better the reactions to the pod and the greater the number of downloads.
On this one we are looking back at the first month of 2023, what's been happening, what have we been doing and what's going on in the background and we will be looking into the rationales behind the website.
Other Podcast Episodes Mentioned
Currency Transfer
Lawyers and POAs 
Recommendations for the month
Video of the month
We found a Youtube channel all about cooking basic Spanish recipes. It's excellent. Spain on a fork, check it out on youtube 
Property recommendation
Our property recommendations for the month are simply to go to our homepage at and take a look. You eat with your eyes of course but you can also put parameters in for your search. If you can't find what you want then simply fill in the form on our First Step post and we will find you something perfect. 
Article Recommendations
Why do Americans move to Valencia?
Power of attorney post
Where to eat out around Valencia
Golden Visa Villas in Valencia Nomad/Remote Worker Visa

2023 - Hit the Ground Running

Saturday Jan 07, 2023

Saturday Jan 07, 2023

Welcome back to the Valencia Property podcast. In our first podcast of 2023 we are looking to hit the ground running by answering a lot of our client's questions and giving you an overview of December and 2022 on the Valencia Property website and blog. 
Mentioned in the podcast we have the following featured content Your timelines for buying Valencia Property. 
The Valencia Property Craft Beer Bar Crawl
Overview of the Valencia Property Market in 2022
Which type of client are you
The Best of Valencia Property in 2022
Why Do Americans Move to Valencia?
So until next month we hope you enjoyed the podcast. The music in the background is by Kevin McLeod and this is a production of Valencia Property. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Mastodon and more. Remember that our mail is  More next month.


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