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The Valencia Property Podcast is niche, of course it is. Here we will look at the Valencia Property market, the latest news and deals, interviews, blogs and the process of moving here. We answer your questions, look into the process of buying property and much more.

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Sunday May 05, 2024

Welcome back to the Valencia Property podcast in what has been a monumental month in terms of sales, news and more in Spain. We'll get into it in the pod. In this month's pod we are talking about the news about Spain's Golden Visa finishing, at least for people looking to get it through buying property, the alternatives in terms of visas for coming to live in Spain for non EU clients and we start a new section this month all about neighbourhoods and towns in and around Valencia, one neighbourhood and one town each month until I get bored or run out of inspiration. In our Valencia story this month we are looking at the strange story of an abandoned spa in Chulilla and why hope is rising like a phoenix from the flames.
Here are the articles mentioned in the Podcast. 
Options for Visas
25 Years of VP
Why we don't deal with rustic property
The end of the Golden Visa
Spain is Different Remember
The Number One Realtor in Valencia for Americans
Remember you can contact us on and the whatsapp for the event is 0034 657994311

Sunday Apr 07, 2024

Welcome back to the latest Valencia Property podcast. We have reached April after the Fallas fiestas in Valencia and we are now at the end of Easter week where once more lots of people take lots of time off work. I'm actually recording this while away for a few days but I'll be back up and running next week and our whole team will also be back from their sojourns around Spain and Europe.
Speaking of the team, this month we are talking to Jess about working with Valencia Property and have a word with Cath who runs Stepping Stone Rentals with me. We also take a look at the posts that you may have missed in the last couple of months after missing this out of last month's podcast and our Valencia story for this month is why Valencia has the biggest garden in Spain and it is there where we start.

Sunday Mar 03, 2024

This month on the VP pod we are finishing our Valencia Story about the financial crisis, bringing you up to date with the market and how it has developed after the flatlining in the years following 2008 up until 2014 when Airbnb arrived on everyone's doorstep and interest rates were low.
First though we talked about what happened with the Campanar fire and the consequences and we had a q and a with some of our team about certain aspects of their interactions with clients and experiences in Valencia.
The links mentioned in today's episode are simply our email address at and our homepage and blog at and 

Saturday Feb 03, 2024

In the latest episode of the Valencia Property podcast we take you through the last two months on the blog, tell you all about Valencia's rise to number 5 in the best places to live in the World for Quality of Life and in the latest of our Valencia Stories we have the second part of our story of the financial crisis in 2008 in which we look at the aftermath of the crisis. 
We mention a lot of things on the blog this month and you can see everything we mentioned at the following links. 
Show notes. (We were featured in the iPaper here)
Article list from December and January
Other articles mentioned First Step Cost of Living in Valencia

Tuesday Jan 02, 2024

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Part 2 and The Spanish Financial Crisis Pt 1.
Today we continue with our investigation of what can go wrong when buying your property in Spain and what you need to look out for. We started this series in the last podcast and today we conclude with more discussions about the problems that can happen and what you need to look out for in order to avoid them.
We also take a look back over the last year in the world of Valencia property and the market in general and a small look forward to 2024 and we have another Valencia Story, this time a really fun theme, yeah right, all about the 2008 Financial Crisis and the ramifications for Valencia over the next few years following that seismic shock, what happened to the Valencia Property market in the lead up and the aftermath... 
Links for this episode The 2023 Valencia Property Review Euribor historical rates as mentioned in the story of the Financial Crisis
You should be reading our essentials page, everything you need to know when starting your Valencia Property search and the link is in the show notes.
Regarding videos we have this excellent video channel we saw the other day from the Bioparc as a couple of baby pumbas have been born. 
and our recommended property... well just go to our homepage and choose your favourite 

Saturday Dec 02, 2023

Welcome to the latest podcast, a different one from usual as we discuss what could possibly go wrong with your Valencia Property purchase at each stage (We'll conclude that in the next episode) and start our series of Valencia Stories with "Klaus the Dead German Builder". We quickly talked about our articles for this month and they are linked below along with other things we mention in the show. 
ABC Article about the Zodiac Villas scam
Our articles from this month No such thing as a stupid question Interest rate rises and demand in Valencia Valencia Property Services 2023-24 The best place to buy in Valencia for your budget Our Valencia Property homepage

What Do People Leave Behind?

Thursday Nov 09, 2023

Thursday Nov 09, 2023

Hello and welcome back to the Valencia Property podcast.. This month we answer some of your questions, look into what people leave behind when they sell a property, with a cautionary anecdote about employing unknown people to do the job for you and look into what we have produced on the blog in the last month. We mention a lot of articles, other podcast episodes and more this month and all of the links to what we mention you can find below. 
Podcasts: Autumn Market Report The Rental Crisis in Valencia Updated Working as a Realtor in Valencia
Articles: Market Report in Numbers The best of the suburbs Work Life Balance in Valencia The VP Network Guide The Top Spanish Property Scams and How to Avoid Them
Monthly blog posts: Rental Service Cafe Society in L'Eliana Why do we love Cullera so much? Choosing Investment Property to Rent Out 
Stepping Stone Rentals 
VP Dutch site

Autumn 2023 Market Report

Friday Oct 06, 2023

Friday Oct 06, 2023

Welcome to the latest Valencia Property Podcast by
In the podcast today we'll take you through the blogs we have written, what we have been doing in the last month  a huge change that you may have noticed as the website changed and you may not have done, and what is happening in the market as normal. We look at what our clients have bought so far this year and where they are from and we also have a section looking at the current state of the rental market after the news that in the last year rental prices in Valencia have risen by 26% which is mind blowing
As usual we finish with our recommendations for the month. The article of the month is our latest about the Valencia Property rental service and more.
Our video of the month is one about how to make a Cremaet from our friends at For 91 Days. On their Youtube channel they have loads of good videos about Valencia
And our property of the month is this one in the Cabanyal. Valencia's new bohemia.
Remember to look through the show notes and click through to get more information that we have talked about and we will be back next month. Have a great month and we hope to see you in Valencia soon.
Show Notes SSR Needs More Properties Zooming you from prison The best of Valencia's suburbs Why VPO is a VP No SSR
Our rental service and other services

The New Projects Episode

Tuesday Sep 05, 2023

Tuesday Sep 05, 2023

Welcome to the 15th episode of the second series of the Valencia Property podcast and we are back... yes back after the summer although the Valencia summer lasts well into September and the autumn.
In this episode we introduce our three new businesses that we have been working on over the summer through interviews with Maria, Catherine and Marije. 
We start with Maria and Valencia Remodels which you can find at for all of your modernisation needs. Maria talks about her background and why we needed this new website in the VP collection. 
Next it's Catherine and In this we look at why we are starting a new company for medium term rentals, who it might suit and some of the challenges we are finding including an appeal for more properties. You can also read about this in our latest blog post on VP here. 
Finally we chat with Marije all about the new Dutch arm of VP at Why did we need a specific Dutch website? You can find out all about that and Marije's background in Valencia and real estate there. 
As usual we talked about our blog posts for the month and we had our monthly recommendations. You can find out more about each of them below. 
Why You Should Sell Your Home With Valencia Property
Where to Start This Week...
What Lies Behind That Townhouse Door?
Work Life Balance in Valencia
This was also the recommended article of the month. 
The recommended property was the Delightful Denia Dwelling
and the video of the month came from World Wide Hearts on Youtube
Remember that you can see our new projects at the following pages:
And until next month make sure to share this with anyone you think would find it useful, entertaining or educational.
You can find our homepage at Our blog at and we are on social media too.
Graham and the VP team. 

Friday Aug 04, 2023

The Digital Nomad Episode (AKA I'm Away)
A bit of a different podcast this month as I am currently homeless as a modernisation goes on at my house so I am one of those famous digital nomads working from anywhere on the laptop. 
As usual we will start the podcast by taking a look at what we have published in the last month and how it might affect you as a buyer of Valencia property and we are also looking at our new Dutch website and one of the services that Marije will be offering within it.
Then we turn to Stepping Stone Rentals where we have a fully functioning website and the ability to book our properties and every week we have more and more properties available for our clients who start moving in this September. We present for you today our corporate press release if those are still a thing and more news about how to navigate the SSR website and blog.
As usual we have our recommendations for the month too. The article of the month has to be the one about the Americans flocking to Valencia as it explains why this tide of people are finding exactly what they are looking for here.
Our recommended video this month is all abut the history of Spain in animated form 
and our recommended properties are a few of those that we described as eye candy. 
Sagunto Castle Views
Meliana Mansion
See Ya in Silla
Bocairent Boutique Hotel 
So until next month when we will be more or less back to normal after the summer break it's goodbye for now and of course if you have any questions you can contact us on whatsapp, mail or through our social media channels. and if you are looking to buy your own Valencia property or rent out a Stepping Stone Rental property feel free to contact us and take those first steps. 
How to ruin your Valencia property Purchase
The Valencia Property Network Guide
A Day in the Life
A Day in the Life Video Short
Ten Lesser Known Attractions
Why Americans are Flocking to Valencia
New York Post Article
Stepping Stone Rentals 
Our homepage 
Our blog 


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