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The Valencia Property Podcast is niche, of course it is. Here we will look at the Valencia Property market, the latest news and deals, interviews, blogs and the process of moving here. We answer your questions, look into the process of buying property and much more.

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Friday Apr 08, 2022

Welcome to the latest episode of the Valencia Property podcast. Today on number 14 we will be looking at mortgages on your Valencia Property and why more and more people are getting them. But before we get into that we have as usual a few questions and a bit of news from the Valencia Property market. 
The main part of the episode today talks about mortgages and includes an interview with Kevin Monger co-founder of Mortgage Direct who work here in Valencia. You can contact Mortgage Direct here. 
Recommended Video
There are lots of things I disagree with in this video but it's always good to take a look at what others are saying (Even when they are wrong or i believe they are wrong) Take a look at Ronin's video which has a few factual inaccuracies but is a decent overview about why you might want to retire to Valencia. 
Recommended Article
Mortgages. The full process of getting a Spanish mortgage
Why you need a bank account in Spain. Also talks about ghost listings here
Recommended Property
Just like in our article this week we are going to recommend the Golden Visa property on El Bosque estate. Worth 795k of anyone's money with gorgeous open views and an excellent pool but would you dive into it from the balcony. That's what we look into on the description of this place. 

Orientation Days

Friday Apr 01, 2022

Friday Apr 01, 2022

The 13th episode of the Valencia Property podcast is here and it's a shorter one this week as there are no interviews. All pure content goodness. This week we talk about Orientation Days, what they are and what they involve. Have a listen and check out the links we talk about in the podcast below.
Check out our homepage on and the blog at 
Recommended Video/podcast:
Fancy taking a look at Valencia in 4k video? Take a look at the linked video. Nice 
The podcast for you here with all about using a buyers' agent
Recommended Articles:
Our latest article about changes possibly coming to the golden visa It might be useful to get it done now just in case
All about orientation days you can find here 
Recommended Property:
Small but perfectly formed, well located, and what do we say about location, this penthouse apartment in central Valencia ticks a hell of a lot of boxes 

Friday Mar 25, 2022

Welcome back to the Valencia Property podcast. After our week off because of the Fallas Fiestas we are back and this week we are talking about our role as buyer's agents and what goes into this role. We take a look at the latest news and events coming out of Valencia and have quite a few listener questions covered so listen up. As usual we mention various things in the podcast and links are here in the show notes below. 
Recommended Video
Our second podcast talked about the numbers of Americans coming over to buy here. You can hear it on YouTube here
and the buring of the Falla in the town hall
Recommended Article
Fill in the form on our First Step post
As the episode is about Buyers' Agents here are a couple of articles about that.
Recommended Property
This property on the golf course at El Bosque was mist shrouded and wet when I visited and the description lets you know how wet I got. It also describes a good value property though so take a look
This podcast is brought to you by Valencia Property. The music used is by Another Brick The track is 2 Pan Man and you can find it on their album here and Ghost Drones which can be found here 

Friday Mar 18, 2022

It's Fallas in Valencia, our big fiestas in the city and so therefore there's just an update podcast this week to let you know we have no podcast.
You can still follow us on our socials and everywhere else at the links below.
The website here
The blog here
The Facebook page
The Twitter feed

Friday Mar 11, 2022

Legalities and Powers of Attorney
Welcome to episode ten of the Valencia property podcast. Today we are talking about something that should be very important to you as a Valencia or Spanish property buyer, the legality of what you are buying.
We will also be looking at the latest news, giving you the results of our survey, thanks for all of you that answered it by the way, and also announcing the winner of our raffle to win the two books about Valencia that we announced a few weeks ago. 
Recommended Video
I'm going to go back to last week and recommend the video we made with James about his story in Spain and his new project helping people move to Spain. You can see it on our Youtube Channel at the link 
Recommended Article
The recommended article is all about lawyers this week of course and you can see it at the link  However we also mentioned the article we published on Monday about Valencia and how it benefits from the homewroking revolution Take a look at it in the show notes. 
Recommended Property
It's the week of the inexpensive penthouses in Valencia this week and we have been listing lots of penthouse apartments in the city in response to request from people for more apartments with terrace around the 200k mark. Therefore get over to our homepage and take a look at what your penthouse might look like 
This podcast is brought to you by Valencia Property. The music used is by Another Brick The track is 2 Pan Man and you can find it on their album here and Ghost Drones which can be found here 

Friday Mar 04, 2022

This week's podcast is number nine in our series and talks about the Paradox of Choice and what having a restricted number of options means for your Valencia Property purchase. 
As usual we start with an introduction, the latest news from Valencia, followed by our listener questions, our article about the Paradox of Choice and we finish off with our recommendations. 
However we also have two other sections this week. We have an interview with James Blick from Spain Revealed about his new project helping people to move to Spain and we also have a little insert about our ongoing competition and our survey from last week. You can participate in our survey here 
Recommended Video
The recommended video this week is one of James' of course and I couldn't let this go by without recommending a recent video James made with his friend Phil Kitromiledes who, let's just say, has a restricted palate . James took him on a wild tapas tour of offal and bits of animals that many people just won't touch. It's lots of fun.
Also take a look at the videos where James talks about moving to Spain and how you can help define what you are looking for when you move to Spain. Obviously we hope you decide that that place in Spain is Valencia. You can see the playlist here
Recommended Articles
The articles mentioned in the podcast today can be found here all about taxes All about the community All about the Paradox of Choice All about taking the first step
Recommended Property
We have found this little gem near to the riverbed in Valencia. Doesn't look much on the photos but due to size, location, facilities and more it could be just right for somebody looking for their ideal Valencia Property. Remember, looks aren't everything but location often is. 
This podcast is brought to you by Valencia Property. The music used is by Kevin MacLoed at (The track is 2 Pan Man and you can find it on their album here )
Ghost Drones which can be found here 
Thanks for listening and we look forward to getting your feedback. Remember you can mail us on or send a whatsapp voicenote to 0034 657994311. 

Friday Feb 25, 2022

Welcome to the 8th episode of the Valencia Property Podcast. This week we are talking about what to expect day to day as you live and possibly work in Valencia. We look at the advantages and disadvantages of living in the city or the suburbs and what type of property you can get in each area. Also we have a conversation about the advantages and disadvantages of living inside or outside the city. We have some news, and very good news for Valencia, a couple of listener questions are answered and of course our weekly recommendations you can see below. Recommended Video The Fallas exhibition for this year at the City of Arts and Sciences is pretty cool.
Recommended Articles
Articles mentioned in the podcast today are listed here.
Recommended Property
We love a lot of the little towns around Valencia in the beautiful interior countryside and one of the most beautiful places is Sot de Chera. A bolthole in this lovely little village for your weekend getaways can be got for as little as 40k. Take a look on the website to see our latest listings and in the show notes you have a link to a small townhouse for just 40k
And remember that we have a competition running at the moment. Listen to Episode 7 here. There's a great prize to be won!
Music by Ghost Drones can be found here and thanks to Stan and Olly for the soundbites

Friday Feb 18, 2022

The seventh episode of the Valencia Property Podcast talks about what is happening in the market currently but first details of our competition. You'll need to listen to the podcast to hear the questions but here are the details of what you need to do. 
1) Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts. You can see the link here. 
(Equally if you prefer to listen to your podcasts on Spotify, Podbean or others you could leave us another review there too just to be nice ;-))
2) Share the podcast on your favourite social media and screenshot the post or posts if you really want to get more brownie points (You might even want to tag us on Twitter @grahunt, Facebook (Valencia Property) and Instagram @grahunt if you are that way inclined).
3) Answer the 4 questions that follow, they should be easy with a little Googling or knowledge about the city
The four questions are...
No, you'll have to listen to the podcast to hear them
4) Once done then send us a mail to with the screenshots and the name you used on the Apple Podcast Review along with your four answers. On the podcast in 3 weeks time we will have a draw for the winner and if your name is announced we will contact you to get details to send you your prize. We will send the books anywhere in the World but would prefer to present them in person of course if you are around. 
OK, if you have any questions then just tag me on Twitter @grahunt. The competition will be announced on our socials too. 
So much good feedback from last week's longer episode but today won't be as long as there is no interview. However we have divided the pod into various areas. We'll start with news and an explanation of taxes on purchase, (the tldr on this is that it's a bit more complicated than it was before but not necessarily more expensive.)
Then we go onto a bit more news from Valencia which is currently in the hangover from the Goya awards which were presented last week at the City of Arts and Sciences (The Goya awards for those who don't know are the Spanish cinema Oscars).
After the news we have our competition to win some really cool books about Valencia. 
The main part of the pod this week is about who is buying, who is selling and what is happening with supply and prices in the Valencia property market.
As usual we will then follow up with some listener questions. Don't forget to submit yours via voice note to our Whatsapp on 0034 657994311 with your name or send me a voice memo to 
Finally we have our recommendations this week. A recommended video, article and property as usual. Hope you enjoy itRecommended Video
Levante won! but seriously there was a small firework display for the Goya film awards in Valencia last week and our friends at For 91 Days took a video Take a look at the stunning City of Arts and Sciences by day and night.
Recommended Article All about taxes and how much it costs to buy and own a property in Valencia and Spain as a whole
In the podcast we also talked about the following articles
Recommended Property
Today I'm just going to direct you to our homepage as the quality of the properties uploaded recently has been excellent. OK, there are a few for deeper pockets only but they are worth a look especially if you are still in the depths of winter in Northern Europe.
As you listen to this podcast on Friday I might well be by the beach with my brunch or chatting to clients over a small beer, that's how nice the weather is at this time of year. Take a look at my twitter and facebook for regular envy inducing photos. 
This podcast is brought to you by Valencia Property. The music used is by Kevin MacLoed at 
and The track is 2 Pan Man and you can find it on their album here 

Friday Feb 11, 2022

Welcome to the sixth podcast in our series about buying property in Valencia.
Today we are going to be looking at the story of our company, why we do what we do and how we do it because we do things in a different way.
We have a look at some of the events happening in Valencia this month and what football you can watch here. 
We will be having a discussion about the all important descriptions we put out into the world and looking at the tech we use every day.
We will also be answering more of your questions, just a couple today as one of them is a longer answer and with the discussion about descriptions we didn't want to take up too much of your time.
Remember to stay to the end though as the last few minutes are a bit of a bonus. Listen then sign up for our whatsapp broadcast list to get the rest of that discussion. 
Recommended Video
We sold a place down in Denia this week and I made a video for the new owners with aerial photos and drone video. Take a look on our Youtube Channel.
Recommended Article
The article this week is the one I wrote on Monday which featured on the blog. All about what you don't see when looking at properties online before your visit. You get the views, although they might not be from the apartment itself, you get great looking kitchens and bathrooms, but they may not exist, and you get CGI renders which of course don't exist, you don't get the grubby bits, the damp bits or the dark bits, you don't get the smells and you don't get the reality. Take a look 
Recommended Property
When a villa is attainable unlike George Clooney. What does that mean. Well check out the description. It's all about taking that first step and you never know where you might finish up. 
Links from today Valencia Events for February The Paradis Festival in Valencia
The Almenara Townhouse 
You can find us on the web at and the blog at
We can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram
This podcast is brought to you by Valencia Property. The music used is by Kevin MacLoed at 
and The track is 2 Pan Man and you can find it on their album here 

Friday Feb 04, 2022

The fifth episode about buying Valencia Property is about Visas and includes more listener questions. In this episode we talk about the three main types of Visas that our clients are looking for, the Golden Visa, the Non Lucrative Visa and the soon to be released digital nomad visa.  
In our listeners' questions section we look at questions about working with us, where to start on a property search, the quality of building in Valencia and preparation for getting a mortgage. If you would like to hear your question answered on the pod just send us a voice memo or note to our whatsapp on 0034 657994311. 
The links that we mention in the podcast are as follows. 
Whatsapp Number for our broadcast 0034657994311 "I want in"
Golden Visa Articles 
Brexit and Brits
(This includes all of the links to the documents you need to download)
Mortgages in Valencia
And also general articles about mortgages
For more little things you may find on buyng a Valencia Property 
Your Personal MLS
How we act as your Buyers' Agent
Recommended Video
This is a classic showing Spanish Entreprenurship coming up against Spanish Bureaucracy in a shootout for the ages. I got you the version with subtitles. The original video is ten years old now and I think everyone in Spain has seen it and recommended it to everyone they know. It's truly superb. It's what awaits you when doing paperwork so get a lawyer with POA. You have been warned. 
Recommended Article
On the blog this week we wrote a paean to what makes Valencia so liveable. Twenty little things that make living in Valencia great. Sometimes we don't appreciate what we have so I thought it was time to write about some of them. Take a look at the article at the link here 
Recommended Property
Among the latest properties we uploaded onto the site there was a penthouse on Valencia's Golden Mile. Needs a reform but it's particularly interesting for anyone in this price range 
You can find us on the web at and the blog at
We can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram
This podcast is brought to you by Valencia Property. The music used is by Kevin MacLoed at 


All About Valencia Property

Of course we talk about everything to do with Valencia Property and real estate on this podcast. However we also talk more generally about issues around property in Spain, lifestyle in and around Valencia and all about the beautiful region of Valencia. Equally if you want to get involved feel free to drop us a line on or send us a voice note on our whatsapp number 0034 6579943111

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